The Guanxi way

Guanxi indicates, in Chinese society, a system of very deep relationships, a framework of social and economic relations, in an interpersonal network that is formed since school. Parents, in fact, choose a school where their child can become part of a social group to establish his or her points of support on in adulthood. 

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Guanxi is thus a network of contacts

which an individual can refer to when he or she needs it; for example, to speed up bureaucratic procedures,
to obtain important information.
Guanxies do not necessarily have to be direct, but you can achieve a goal through other people's Guanxies.

We drive companies through the Digital Transformation

Any project starts from the analysis of needs, opportunities and competitive advantages. Our efforts are focused on developing useful, strategic, practical and objective ideas. All our activities are guided by testing.

We help our customers to generate high performance

by exploiting the immense potential of digital. Our mission is to work with the customer to solve problems and accelerate growth, improving business processes with a BGA and Data Driven approach.

We like tests because they always work

In any case, they tell us how to proceed. We expect you to have intellectual capacity and practical sense, to understand how to solve problems of complex organizations.

We think the digital is a bit like the rock

The distracted person tripped over it.
The violent one, used it as a bullet.
The entrepreneur used it to build.
The tired farmer used it as a chair.
For the children it's a toy.
David killed Goliath and Michelangelo made it the most beautiful sculpture.
Anyway, it wasn't the stone that made the difference, it was the man.
There is no stone in your path that you cannot exploit for your growth.

Guanxi - sasso
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Our vision has become a method: Inbound Human Resource!

Being performance-oriented also means being simply honest.

Every idea, every proposal, every activity must be strategically, tactically and operationally planned. There is no such thing as the exact strategy, the perfect idea. We are aware that our client has the knowledge of the product/service and the reference market. Our job is to support the manager, marketing and sales of the client company, in order to effectively define online growth strategies and bring the organization to face digital transformation in a profitable and scalable way.

To do this, it is necessary to build a collaboration based on trust, respect and availability. You need to cultivate your skills and customer relationship to drive people to achieve positive change within organizations.

The Guanxi Life

The quality of life in Guanxi comes first.

We want everyone to be happy to come to work, because they are satisfied with what they do, they are autonomous and can see the results of their work, and they are always encouraged to do better. At Guanxi we work by objectives, schedules are flexible and smart working is a philosophy of life. No matter how many hours you work, but the results you bring to the company, to the team and to the clients. We believe in teamwork and relationships are based on mutual respect and transparency.

Among the most important benefits you will find:


Smart working


Flexible working hours


Regular training


Health insurance

We also promote the cohesion of the internal team with team building activities,
travel and training for all employees

The Guanxi Team

The quality of life in Guanxi comes first.

We are looking for passionate and stubborn people, who see every new project as a challenge, who look at data and think "How can I do better?". At Guanxi, everyone is responsible for his or her work at the forefront of the customer. But we are also a team, the exchange of ideas is the main source of growth for us.


Endless curiosity and a tendency to imagine the impossible

Problem solving

We design solutions to complex problems. If this makes you feel uncomfortable, maybe Guanxi isn't the right place for you.

Team building

Who goes alone goes faster, but who goes together goes further. Teamwork, allow everyone to grow, is what makes Guanxi the partner of many large companies. In our team, no one is left behind, especially the customer.

Focus on results

We are data-driven. Opinions not driven by data are not useful, they leave room for conflict and indecision. Data show the way to go.

Speed of execution

We don't work on tight deadlines, but deadlines must be respected. You can organize your work individually, respecting the work of others. We prefer quality over quantity. But if it's about completing a task, it's better to do it quickly.

Learning capabilities

The digital world and technologies are constantly evolving. It's not enough to know a tool well in order to work with us, but you must be curious and prompt to learn new technologies, approaches and skills to make a difference in a world that changes at the speed of light.

Affirmative leadership

Sharing, empathy and a positive approach will allow you to build a good relationship based on trust with colleagues and customers. You don't need to impose your own idea, but create a positive exchange environment, where everyone is committed to the same result.

Who we are looking for


If you have less than 4 years of experience,
but you have a degree or a master's degree.


If you are a student or a recent graduate in business school,
engineering or science faculties.


If you have a lot of experience in the digital field
and in the management of complex projects,
and you feel ready for the big leap.

Ready for the challenge? Start shaping your future today.

Get your resume updated and tell us why you would like to work with us
in a short and original motivational letter.
We may ask you to confirm your skills before scheduling an interview.

No hierarchy but teamwork

We are part of a world that goes at the speed of light and there are no gurus but only those who are up for it.

It is allowed to make mistakes, it helps to innovate, grow, create shared methodologies and efficient processes. But there are no shortcuts here. We work hard, but always with a smile.

Information is liquid and everything flows without obstacles and in full sharing. Everyone follows his or her talent, where talent means the capability to learn quickly.

Here you will have the chance to grow fast. How?

By applying business knowledge, methods and strategies and, at the same time, by constantly training yourself. It is very important for us to keep the motivation of the people working with Guanxi high at all times, this is why we make sure that the internal communication process is always clear and accessible to everyone.

You will have training and information material at your disposal: you will always be able to implement your knowledge.

We care a lot about respecting the aptitudes of our employees and their personal, as well as professional, desire to grow. We consider this to be an intangible concept, in order to maximize the performance of everyone in the company.

All of this is the Guanxi Group